One week


Ideation, survey, wireframing


Figma + Google Form


2 UI, 1 UX
1 Dev, 1 PM

Designing the concierge service of the future


As part of the Digital ECV hackathon, La Poste offered us to design the concierge service of tomorrow.
In a team of 5, we decided to address the problem of night concierge services, to distinguish ourselves from our competitors and propose a disruptive solution.

We designed Hoot as an app that cares about night workers well-being

1. Exploration 2. Analysis 3. Design



Benchmark, survey


Personas, priorisation


Wireframing and prototyping

Problem Statement
How can the current concierge sector be boosted by digital technology ?

Think about the services offered, what digital or physical channel we could use, and what will be their strengths (playful, collaborative, scalable, etc.)

1. Exploration

Benchmark - Questionnaire

Most of the concierge services on the market offer local services mainly related to cleaning, cooking, or delivery, with more or less affordable prices.
However, none of them seem to address the problem of night concierge services.

With COmpanies such as :
Gathering of the user needs

In order to better target the needs of our potential targets, we gave a survey to our panel of around 50 qualified individuals.


90% of respondents agree that night work has had a significant impact on their health.


All of the interviewees recognize that working at night has an influence on their relationships with family and friends.


Working at night leads to poor eating habits. 7 out of 10 participants identify meal delivery as a major issue.

2. Analysis

Personas - Features
First draft

Based on the difficulties experienced by our targets, and also inspired by the features offered by our main competitors, we proposed a list of functionalities responding to their problems.

Putting a face to our users

At the end of our research phase and according to the answers we received, we drew up personas of the different profiles observed :

  • for the first group, working at night is really hard, and can influence their sleep.
  • second group is more bothered by the impact night work can have on social life and eating habits
Hoot Persona
Hoot Persona
Feature building

Keeping in mind our discoveries about the users, we proceeded to a brainstorming session to organize the application and create the first functionalities.


Food trays delivery only in the evening

Overnight parcel service

Books delivery to avoid boredom

Workplace wellness

Guide on how to simplify your day after a night of work

Chatbot giving tips on how to make the most of the night job

Relaxation program like Headspace

Coaching and guides for a better night work

Realtime digital health control recording


Social relations : establishing a common break among colleagues

Afterwork parties with day workers in unoccupied rooms

Events calendar


Request to company with voting system for any item delivery

"Craiglist-like" system but within the company

Services like sports / yoga classes, pet sitting, childcare, etc

3. Design

Wireframing - UI Design - Prototyping
First screeens

In order to structure the app features and create our first interfaces, we designed a few wireframes.

Show figma doc
UI Design
From wireframes to UI design

We chose to adapt a dark theme as the app is designed to be used at night.
More dynamic colours were used to draw attention to the important content.
The owl, a nocturnal animal, seemed to be a perfect choice to illustrate the personality of our application.

Hoot UI kit
UI Kit designed by Céline and Dylan
Hoot event

Employees can organize mini-events during their breaks.

Hoot voting
Item voting

Workers can order the items that would make their night's work easier.

Hoot userflow
Meal Ordering

Employees can locate the closest open restaurants on the map and filter them according to their preferences.
Nutritional information such as weight or calories are also displayed.


Personalized relaxation or awakening programs are available, following user's needs at the moment

Hoot activities and stats
Hoot app
Prototyping and interaction
Main userflow

From onboarding to the selection of a wake-up program, the main flow has been prototyped, so that our solution could be real and usable for the jury.

Show prototype
Prototype designed by Dylan
🥳🎉 Thanks to this project, we finished in 2nd position of the hackathon organized by La Poste
To go further, you can check the project file (unfortunately available in french only)
Check the project file